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Children’s Birthday Parties

Your kids party entertainment package will be much more than just a few games, it includes a fully scripted & rehearsed interactive theatre quality show! With puppetry, music & magic, your child will be overjoyed as they get to meet Draco the friendly Dragon, and help him on his journey to learn to fly. The journey involves singing, puppet panto, and even putting someone inside a giant bubble! They will eventually use science to create a (safe!) explosion to power a flying rocket – and send Draco the Dragon up into the air!kids-party-entertainment1

The kids were captivated – I have never seen them stay sitting for so long before!

This is entertainment at its highest quality. The makers all have a strong theater background, and the head puppeteer Sanjay Shelat has been performing on the stage now for 2 decades.

What you can expect in a party

  • Small Bubbles
  • Medium Bubbles
  • A Mega Bubble with the birthday girl/boy inside it!

  • Animal Puppets
  • Muppet Puppets
  • Our Star Puppet! A Big friendly fantasy Red Dragon called Draco

  • Science! We will explode some fizzy liquid!
  • More Science! Expansion experiment
  • Mega Science! We will use an explosion to shoot a rocket into the air!

Interested? Contact us now and we can discuss what we can do for you, and how we would do it.