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Science at every Party!

Date: October 20, 2016 Author: admin Categories: Uncategorized

A birthday should be one of the most fun and memorable days a kid has, and certainly will be if we are there! But we believe that such a memorable occasion is also a great opportunity to reinforce positive messages, so we wanted our parties not only to be awesome fun, but also to have an educational element too. That’s why Dr Emma J King is such an important part of The Cheeky People’s team!


Emma has a long history as a scientist and children’s science presenter. She gained a PhD in Physics from the University of Nottingham, but also has a long standing interest in theatre and showmanship, achieving a gold medal in acting from LAMDA when she was still at school. She now combines these two loves and works as a freelance science presenter for the Royal Institution, taking fun, educational science shows to school across the country. She knows how to blow things up – safely! – and works on the research and development of our shows to bring some of that excitement to our parties. So when you book a Cheeky People party you can be sure you’ll get action packed entertainment along with some solid science messages