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Science party included!

Date: October 20, 2016 Author: admin Categories: Uncategorized

science-party-girlWe believe that education doesn’t have to be boring, and parties don’t have to be substance less with no moral compass or learning involved. Teaching though stories is a power process, and one that religions have been using for generations. We all remember a good story, and when we remember the story, we also remember what ever was taught as part of that story.


With the help of our science consultant Emma King, we have science experiments included as part of every party that we do. Science is awesome fun, and we focus more on instilling enthusiasm for experimenting over fact memorization, though the facts we present are always sound and very much based in truth.

Currently, the following science experiments come as standard at every part that we do!


Science! We will explode some fizzy liquid!
More Science! Expansion experiment
Mega Science! We will use an explosion to shoot a rocket into the airĀ 


In this video you can meet Emma, the brains behind the science in all the cheeky people’s parties!