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Giant Bubbles!

Date: October 20, 2016 Author: admin Categories: Uncategorized

birthday-bubble-man-2Kids love bubbles. Of course they do, and here at the cheeky people we feel exactly the same. We think bubbles are awesome, which is why we put time and effort into developing the correct technique and kit to put your child inside a giant bubble! What better way to celebrate a birthday, eh?!

Being inside a giant bubble is:

  • Super Fun!
  • Unique – their first time inside a giant bubble
  • Memorable – they get to be inside a giant bubble
  • Kid bragging rights! You were inside a giant bubble, of course you get to be smug at school about it.
  • Awesome photos for facebook
  • …also, did I mention the giant bubble?!?! 😉

No muss no fuss! Everything is contained to prevent mess, and the mixture leaves no stains and is quick drying.

Photos tell this better than words ever could – click below to see some pics!


Giant Bubbles!