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Yearly Archives: 2016

Science at every Party!

A birthday should be one of the most fun and memorable days a kid has, and certainly will be if we are there! But we believe that such a memorable occasion is also a great opportunity to reinforce positive messages, so we wanted our parties not only to be awesome fun, but also to have...

Meet Your Entertainer

We are going to provide you with a professional actor & puppeteer who has entertained well over 10,000 kids over the past few years. Meet Sanjay Shelat, head puppeteer, founder of The Cheeky People and the person who will come to ensure that your child’s party is the best one they have ever had. more

Head of Product Testing

We believe in understanding our audience, so our head of product testing Ishani (aged 4) runs rigorous tests on everything that we have put into your entertainment package. She is one tough cookie, a real rottweiler in the board room. Her rule is simple, anything that she does not love, is sent back. If she...

Giant Bubbles!

birthday-bubble-man-2Kids love bubbles. Of course they do, and here at the cheeky people we feel exactly the same. We think bubbles are awesome, which is why we put time and effort into developing the correct technique and kit to put your child inside a giant bubble! What better way to celebrate...

Money Back Guarantee


We take great pride in our work, and our goal is to provide awesome, memorable birthday parties for very young people. We all have a strong theatre background, so our standards are set extremely high. We do everything in our power to...


Professional Puppeteers

  When you hire a childrens entertainer you want someone that is not only good with kids, but someone that can bring something special to make your child's birthday extra special. With the cheeky people, you are guaranteed that. You are getting a stage school trained theatre professional, someone who has already performed for at least 10,000 children...

Theatre Quality Equiptment

We have a strong theatre background with decades of children’s shows behind us and we don’t want to drop the quality “just” because it is a birthday party. In fact the opposite is true! A birthday can be the best day of a kids year, and we want to make sure that it is a...

Science party included!

science-party-girlWe believe that education doesn't have to be boring, and parties don't have to be substance less with no moral compass or learning involved. Teaching though stories is a power process, and one that religions have been using for generations. We all remember a good story,...